LIGHTSTAR accelerates the Mental Healing of the Planet through Enhanced Patient Care,
Scalable Technology Development and World-class Scientific Research.

Ancient Wisdom. Future Technology

Every aspect of LIGHTSTAR LABS have been designed to ease the healing process while advancing the scientific understanding across the psychosomatic mind body connections.

Care driven. Mind validated.

Traditional western approaches such as overreliance on antidepressants are part of the problem. LIGHTSTAR’s multifaceted ecosystem of therapeutic openness, intuition and connection combined with a scientifically supported, technology-led approach treats the individual’s entire mental spectrum.

LIGHTSTAR LABS is an ecosystem of healers, scientists and business experts working together across the following core pillars:


LIGHTSTAR’s is focused on delivering human connections that lead to cognitive transformation and discovering new publishable, scientifically validated links between mental health and physical diseases. Using a clinical research network, informed by a proprietary scientific data architecture, we are constantly in pursuit of new psychosomatic links between mental health and physical diseases.

Healthy Mind. Healthy Body.

Our psycho-emotional conditions underlie many medical issues. MDMA and Ketamine- assisted therapy can help address these conditions at their source by working therapeutically through their underlying emotional foundations. By addressing the chronic stress and unresolved developmental trauma, we anticipate potential resolution of many psychosomatic but nonetheless degenerative medical conditions.

Cardiovascular disease

Heart disease is inseparably linked to mental health. Depression is now recognized as a major issue for people with heart disease. Studies have found that between 17 and 44 percent of patients with coronary artery disease also have major depression, and Depressed patients with cardiac disease have mortality rates twice as high as their non-depressed counterparts.


Patients with diabetes are at higher risk of mental health disorders than the general population, and individuals with mental health disorders are similarly at higher risk of developing diabetes. Additionally, their severity of either condition can exacerbate the other.

Chronic Pain

Individuals with chronic pain are less likely to improve with standard treatment, and unresolved developmental trauma often underlies or can exacerbate many forms of chronic pain or pain disorders.


Psoriasis is linked with many mental disorders, both in the psychotic and neurotic spectrum because of chronic stress upregulates sympathetic responses, which results in inflammation, or pro-inflammatory cytokines.

About Us About Us About Us

We believe our first responsibility is to support and train all members of the LIGHTSTAR team responsible for treating our patients to the highest global standards in psychotherapy. We are a team of doctors, psychotherapists, neuroscientists and dedicated working professionals all focused on solving the complex, global problems surrounding mental health.

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We believe that the most important mission anyone could take on today is to work together to end mental suffering. We are doing so by applying all available technologies with the best medical minds in the world.

We are confident, due to the underlying physiology, that as we free people from mood disorders many of the chronic diseases will be healed. Yet, our interventions will only find broad application when peer-reviewed publications demonstrating their effectiveness are published. Thus, we are setting up our network of clinics with a data infrastructure that can generate publishable data at scale and at high frequency.

Finally, our centers are development labs for a layer of scalable global tech services. Our portfolio of services will be available for people across the planet, to enhance our impact.