Bringing Solar to Your Town

Our approach to solar development is collaborative and consultative. We also understand the importance of local revenue for municipalities and towns. Our projects are a guaranteed tax revenue source for the life of the project. Our team of seasoned solar developers will work closely with town managers, conservation boards and other entities to ensure a mutually beneficial project is built.

Working with Lightstar

Consultative Approach

The Lightstar team of development experts will provide education and support to facilitate zoning, permitting and assessment requirements. We strive to make the process easy and straightforward for the local municipality.


We provide decommissioning financing and assurances and at the end of the useful life of the project will return the land to its previous state or better.

Land Stewardship

Lightstar is focused on leaving the land better than we found it through minimizing visual impact to bucolic setting; planting pollinator habitats, native plants and carbon sequestering grasses; designing with consideration for local wildlife and ecology; and offering dual-use projects.

We are Community Solar Leaders

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Lighstar’s Approach

Throughout each phase of the project lifecycle — development, engineering, technology procurement, construction and operations and maintenance — Lightstar considers how it can benefit the local ecology and community. By taking extra steps to further protect the land, we are also bringing more value to the landowner host, the local community and the clean energy economy.

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