Welcoming Solar to Your Community

Lightstar provides clean, local sources of energy for the surrounding community. Our approach centers on the needs of the community and the landowner family by preserving local character, stewarding soil health, and leaving the land better than we found it.


Clean energy for the community

When community solar is built locally, it means that less polluting energy is needed for the power grid and a more sustainable future.

Lower cost energy

We provide lower-cost, local clean energy to residents, businesses and public entities that subscribe to their local community solar project. They receive direct savings on their utility bills.

Generating revenue for your town

Our solar projects are a guaranteed source of tax revenue for the local municipality for the life of the project.

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Land Protection

We prioritize preserving the land beneath the arrays and leaving it better than we found it through planting pollinator habitats and grass mixes that remove more harmful carbon dioxide from the air.

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Lightstar projects are engineered to last with market leading technologies. We consider storm water run-off danger and fencing concerns when siting a project and all of our projects are designed to support the local habitat. Our carefully designed, quiet solar farms are zero-emission sites that produce clean, renewable energy with no unhealthy byproducts. After construction, solar farms are self-sufficient, with remote 24/7 monitoring, which means no trucks or traffic at the site, except for regular maintenance checks.

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