Local Solar for the Land and Community

Lightstar develops, builds and operates community solar projects in a way that benefits the landowner, their land and the community. We care for and steward the land before, during and after the project is built while maintaining long-term partnerships with landowners.

We provide secure income for landowners and clean energy to the local community

Our projects deliver energy savings to subscribers, stable income to landowners, tax revenue to the local municipality and improve the soil health beneath the arrays

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Hosting Solar on
Your Land

Reliable Income

Hosting a Lightstar solar project provides an income stream that can help mitigate annual crop risks and strengthen the financial reassurance that the land will continue to generate income even after retirement.

Improving Production

Our projects are built to make the land more productive. Where possible, we design for dual-use, which allows for crops and livestock grazing in and around the array, and create pollinator habitats.

Our Promise

Our landowner partners can trust us to treat their land as if it were our own in the way we handle construction, site clean up, and maintenance – all without any cost to them.

Interested in selling your land?

Leave your land in good hands. We’ll purchase your land at a competitive rate and build a solar farm that provides local solar energy to your community.

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Welcoming Solar
to Your Community

Greening the Grid

When community solar is built locally, it means that less polluting energy is needed for the power grid, and communities can run on cleaner sources of power.

Energy Savings

In most cases local residents, businesses and public entities can subscribe to the project and receive direct savings on their utility bills.

Environmental Benefits

We prioritize preserving the land beneath the arrays and leaving it in better condition than we found it through planting pollinator habitats and grass mixes that help sequester carbon.

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Bringing Solar to Your Town

Here to Help

Our approach to solar development is collaborative and consultative. Our team of seasoned solar developers, engineers and construction managers help towns navigate the complexities of solar regulations.

Revenue Generation

We understand the importance of local revenue for municipalities. Our projects are a guaranteed source of tax revenue for the life of the project.

Removing the Project

When the solar project is ready to be removed, we ensure full decommissioning of the project and that the land is returned to the same or a better state than before the project was built.

Our Holistic Approach

We see solar as not just about energy generation, but as a tool for conservation and preservation of land and the health of communities.

Land Stewardship

We design solar projects that maximize energy production while preserving agricultural or ecological activity in and around the array. We want landowners to harvest more than just solar.

Whether it is active or fallow farmland, consideration for the surrounding ecology is at the heart of how we design and construct our projects.

We plant pollinator mixes, native shrubs and deep-root grass mixes to promote carbon sequestration and robust food production for the local area.

We also design dual-use systems that allow for rotational grazing and crop growth, which can increase carbon sequestration and improve soil health.

Creating Legacy

Our landowner-centric approach takes into account the financial pressures they may face and their concerns around the longevity and health of their land. We offer solar land leases as a method for landowners to meet financial or environmental goals they have for their land, legacy, and community.

Each Lightstar solar project leaves a clean energy footprint in the community, and in our eyes, makes each neighbor a clean energy pioneer. Together, we’re contributing to cleaner air and water for our children.

Dual Use / Agrivoltaics

When applicable, Lightstar enables landowners to double the productivity of their land through dual-use community solar projects. Farmers can continue to raise crops or graze livestock and landowners can continue to offer farm leases while also receiving reliable, long-term income from a solar lease.

Our team works with farmers and landowners to understand specific needs, such as crop rotation, regenerative agriculture, wells and farming infrastructure.

Our goal is to build solar projects that maximize benefits for the landowner while respecting and protecting the land.

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