Host a Lightstar Community Solar Project

Host a community solar project with Lightstar for a long-term, stable source of income that can help mitigate annual crop risks and ensure that the land will continue to generate income even after retirement.

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Reliable, long-term income

Leasing your land for a community solar project results in annual lease payments for between 15 and 30 years. This is passive income that allows farmers and landowners to diversify sources of income, hedge against crop risks or invest in other interests.

Often the income received from solar leases is more lucrative than other typical agriculture or farm leasing options.

Increase productivity of land

Lightstar projects are built to make the land more productive, not only through solar energy generation, but also for farming and the local ecology. We create pollinator habitats and design for dual-use, which allows for crops and livestock grazing in and around the array.

Provide clean energy to your community

Community solar projects provide clean, less expensive energy to local residents, businesses and public entities. By hosting a solar project, landowners are helping to transition the electricity grid to more clean energy sources, and a more sustainable future.

Working with Lightstar

We are with our landowner solar hosts from the beginning to the very end. Unlike most other solar companies, we also build, own and operate the projects we develop, ensuring that we are a one-stop shop for our landowner partners.

We make it simple

We strive to make the leasing process straightforward and easy with minimal time investment from our landowner partners. Once the project is built, we monitor 24/7 and perform regular maintenance checks.

No cost to landowners

From the first step of the process all the way to removing the solar project, there is no investment required from the landowner.

Come to you

After determining that your site meets our basic requirements, we will come out and meet with you face to face.


When we come out and do a full site assessment, we’ll want to discuss your needs, expectations and preferences for the project.

Decades of income

Depending on the state, community solar projects operate for between 15 and 30 years. Our lease payments are quarterly and escalate annually for the life of the project.

Better than we found it

Our approach to solar project design isn’t all about maximizing power generation. We want to make the land more productive, ecologically, as well as accommodate for agriculture use.

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Dual Use: Solar + Crops

Lease your land for solar while continuing to farm with Lightstar.

Hosting a community solar project with Lightstar doesn’t mean you need to retire your land from farming. We can design and build projects to accommodate livestock grazing with higher, stronger racking or to allow for cultivating crops with wider spacing between the rows of solar panels. Our team also understands that considerations around farming needs, such as crop rotation and regenerative agriculture, may need to be built into the solar project’s design.

This arrangement enables landowners to not only reap more income from their land, but to also continue to support farming, either by them and their family or by other farmers in their community.

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Stewards of Your Land

We understand that welcoming a Lightstar community solar project to your land may come with concerns. We have deep respect for the land we build solar on and the people who decide to partner with us. In many ways, we also look at building solar as also partnering with the land – doing what we can to enrich its soil, improve productivity, support ecology and generally leave it as good or better than before we arrived.

We plant pollinator mixes, native shrubs and deep-root grass mixes to promote carbon sequestration and robust food production for the local area. Our projects can be homes for bees, birds, and wildlife. We don’t have to sacrifice these vital ecological resources for clean energy – they can coexist.

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