Earn twice as much from your land with dual-use solar

Boost your revenue with solar installations that pay a lucrative lease rate while allowing for everyday agricultural operations.

Why Lightstar

You’ve never met a solar company quite like us. We’re one of the few developers and builders who own and operate all our projects, and one of the first to offer farmers the opportunity to keep farming under solar arrays.

Our team helps landowners and/or farmers like you to protect and earn the most from your land by building responsibly planned, sited and operated dual-use solar facilities. In partnership with our landowner/farmer hosts, we provide low-cost, clean energy to the local community. We support the full life-cycle of our projects, meaning we don’t leave after initial development—we continuously work with our partners to ensure the long-term success of every project.

Our projects are built on 15-20 acre parcels and produce enough energy to power around 1,000 average-sized homes for a year.

Our promise is to leave your land and soil in as good as (or better) a condition than before we arrived. Reach out any time to ask us how dual- use solar can become a part of your agricultural operation and support your long-term plans for your farm, family and community.

Benefits of Dual-Use

Income from Lease + Agriculture

Earn income from continuing to farm, graze or lease the land for farming, while earning an annual solar land lease payment for 20+ years.

Maintain Your Farming Legacy

The number of America’s small and mid-size farms are shrinking. Dual-use removes pressure to sell or lease your land for non-farming operations.

Serve Your Community

By hosting a dual-use solar facility, you’re providing a source of low-cost, clean energy to your community while sustaining the agricultural viability of the farmland upon which it’s built.

Solar + Crops

Our installations are designed with your crops in mind. We consider appropriate spacing to accommodate cultivation, as well as infrastructure such as irrigation and animal/deer fencing. We can subsidize any new equipment or customizations that may be required to fit with the dimensions of the solar array’s posts and panels.

Solar + Grazing

To accommodate livestock grazing, we can build projects with higher, stronger racking and include infrastructure such as fencing, access/loading
areas, shelter and water supply as part of the solar array installation.

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